Why can’t “haircut sister” become an associate professor escape the humble and inspirational routine?

As the only representative of China in the “Olympic” world skills competition, , a haircut girl from Chongqing technical school, won the title of hairdressing industry and achieved zero breakthrough in China’s hairdressing industry.

With this achievement, she not only enjoyed the same treatment as the Olympic champion, but also became an associate professor, enjoying the special allowance of the State Council.

Such things are not common in life.

Even the masses can ruminate to produce a strong durian flavor.

A similar situation will really let some people get up first, take the lead first and then get up, and finally achieve common blind hi.

Speaking truth, it’s not common for stylists and associate professors to combine, but in a real sense, let those real scholars have a glimpse of hope.

However, in front of the reality, in terms of the title of associate professor, in addition to surpassing ordinary people’s hard work and reading too many models, what is more needed is to climb to the top of life.

After all, it’s not everyone who can be chosen.

It’s a big premise to have transcendental skills.

Otherwise, they are all pickpockets.

Unfortunately, this kind of luck has already died in various legends of “humble and inspirational”.

Only those who can really put it into practice will not blind others all day long.

Even if how brilliant, how inconceivable, after all, it’s someone else’s child, whatever you do.

However, from the melon eater’s mood, we can see full of supremacy.

It seems that the title of “hair cutting sister” is the result of thousands of farts people’s request.

Because they are the golden phoenix flying out of the technical school, they have to be inspected by the melon eating masses.

Only in this way can they grow in the masses, come from the masses, and cattle from the masses.

What kind of “ruminant logic”.

In the real environment, there is no good face for professors and experts.

However, as a professor and expert, they have to have their own boat in the intensive knowledge ocean to be called professor and expert.

The world is not short of professors and experts with all kinds of titles, but the real masters and craftsmen are rare.

Even if there are 100 professors a year in the University, they will not arouse the interest of melon eaters.

However, an associate professor in the technical school has become a spectacle, even marked with various inspirational labels and marks, especially the logic of “humble inspirational”, which makes people feel that people who eat melon really can’t eat the essence of durian.

For a long time, there has been no sense of equal rights in the public culture.

Thus, in the evaluation system of various titles, knowledge intensive becomes a kind of national standard assembly.

Even though, we all know that many people’s titles are the accomplishment of all kinds of fake papers.

However, the logic in the bones is difficult to jump out to see the truth, which leads to the rampant of various professors and experts, and naturally there are many people who fish in troubled waters.

As a result, people are more obsessed with titles than skills and knowledge.

I have always felt that the attitude towards the Tauren should first see their extraordinary skills, and then pry into their titles.

As for where they come from, it’s really not so important.

Three generations up, who is not the proletariat.

Who can guarantee that those who come from famous families can achieve their own king? It is those who let go of their sources and know where their own direction is.

On the contrary, those who keep their famous sources think they have enough, and they are the most mediocre melon eaters in the sea of knowledge and technology.

Many people don’t even make progress on their own.

In the end, being possessed by the fire becomes a force of the times.

Draw the inspirational routine of others in self mockery and jealousy.

However, they will never understand that in fact, there is no “humble and inspirational” routine.

In the palace of knowledge and glory, they should have equal rights.

Only when the world is too poisoned, can they form all kinds of clinging and hidden rules.

Although, we see the bustling lights.

However, the continuous improvement and subdivision of the rules will make those who precipitate have their own day.

It’s just that the coming of this day requires the purification and openness of most people.

Otherwise, the story of humble and inspirational chicken soup can kill people.

I don’t think it’s appropriate for the media to report the title of “powerful, 23-year-old girl with her hair cut into associate professor enjoying State Council allowance”.

Perhaps, it is full of the most basic positive energy pills of mainstream media.

However, for the long-term education of the whole people, telling them to be peaceful with such things may make more people understand that there is no difference in everyone’s bones, make more people no longer humble in knowledge and technology, and make more people willing to break the solidification and dare to become their own king.

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